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Above everyone else, I want to thank my wife Janet for all of her help.  Janet has spent a great deal of time editing this material.  She has used up a lot of red ink correcting my mistakes.  I appreciate her honesty and writing skills.

Besides taking up a lot of time, this project has also cost a great deal of money.  Before this book was made available on the Internet, we spent several thousand dollars mailing it for free to people who requested it.  We mailed out about 2,500 copies to people all over the world.  Now, we spend several hundred dollars a month on "keyword advertising" to promote the website.  If it wasn't for the fact I have an understanding wife who has a burden for the lost, the outreach of this material would be very limited.  Thank you Janet, I love you very much.

I would also like to thank Steve Huntoon for his help in developing some of this material.  While exercising at the Spa, Steve and I would take a Christian subject and think it through to its logical conclusion.  One of the subjects we studied was the "heathen."  Steve bought every book possible on the subject and wrote to hundreds of Christian organizations for information.  As a result of our research, I wrote the section What Will Happen to Those Who are "Without the Gospel?"

Steve and I also spent a lot of time sharing Christ with other people.  It was through this time together we discovered the power of friendship evangelism.  As a result of what we've learned, I wrote the section Friendship Evangelism.  I can truly say that if it wasn't for Steve, neither of these sections would ever have been written. 

I would also like to thank a few other people for helping me edit early drafts of my book.  They are Jean Prediger, Debbie Tremp, Susan Walker (one of my sisters), Carol Bozak, and Laurie Huntoon. 

Laurie Huntoon is another sister.  Fortunately, for me, she married my best friend, Steve Huntoon.  (That worked out pretty good, didn't it?)  Steve has become an expert on Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness.  An author on cults liked Steve's research material so much that he co-published a book with Steve.  I think Steve would say much of what he has accomplished was a direct result of his wife, Laurie.  She has been so supportive of his various projects. 


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