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I get a great deal of email from people asking about this website.  Listed below are some of the questions I get:

  • Are you part on another ministry?
  • How large is your staff?
  • How large are your facilities?
  • Where are you located?
  • How did you begin?
  • How are you supported?
  • What other services does BibleHelp provide?

BibleHelp.org started out as a small personal ministry that has taken on a life of it's own.  Originally, I started the website to offer people free access to the books I had written (7 books).  These books are used by Bible schools, churches, and missionary training centers around the world. 

Since it wasn't my desire to make money from these books, I would give them away.  This became very expensive.  As a result, I made the material available on the web.  To my surprise, the material became very popular (about 200,000 chapters are accessed every month) and I began receiving many requests for a book version of the material.

This brought me back to my original problem of passing out free books.  As a result, I took a couple months off from work and made professional looking books that could be downloaded.  These ebooks can be read directly on the computer or can be printed.  You can even take the files down to a copy center and have them print the books.  At present, about 7,000 books are downloaded every month.

I am a "lay Christian" and this ministry is done in my spare time.  I work full time as a Correction Officer at a prison that was once known as the "largest walled prison in the world."  My wife is a high school chemistry teacher.  Although this website is a part time job, I have spent over 8,000 hours on this project (writing the books, building / maintaining the website, etc.). 

Since BibleHelp has no facilities or staff, it has very little overhead costs.  My only expense is key-word advertising (registering certain words with search engines).  This costs me about $1,300 a month.  Since I don't make any money from the website, I pay for this out of my pocket.  (This past year cost me about $30,000).  Fortunately, I have a very supportive and  understanding wife.

I have a policy of not asking for money and, until recently, I discouraged people from contributing money to this outreach.  A couple weeks ago someone kindly and lovingly rebuked me for not allowing others the opportunity to support the outreach.  I guess my reluctance to accept donations was a knee-jerk reaction to "fund-raising" abuses I have seen with some Christian organizations.  I guess I didn't want others to think that the purpose of this website was to raise money.  Although I still do not ask for money, I now accept donations.  The chapter How is This Website Supported? explains this a little more.

Please consider becoming a prayer warrior for this website.  The following page has a prayer card that you can download.


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