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Great stuff that you wrote … Your material is excellent" -Darell

"I was very moved by your site! Thank you sooo very much for making clear Who Jesus is for us…" -Sam Holland

"God bless you for your book of The Incredible Power of Prayer." -Dereje Ethiopia Africa

"Yours is a wonderful site. … You have a lot of good material and we'll be sure to
"advertise" the site to the members of our church." -Bob and Angie

" I am currently producing a small magazine … I am hopeful you will permit me to use some of your writings in our magazine.... your writings are well worth printing … I will also list your site as "a must stop by Site" in our magazine. –Phil (magazine owner in Australia)

"I have gone thru a bitter divorce 2 yrs ago now and have just started to get over the bitterness …Thank you, your site is just what God knew I needed and sent me there so on a blessed start." -Linda

"I just wanted to drop a line to say that your articles on the net has encouraged me and has given me some insights on how to share Christ with others! Thank you very much for publishing the part on Friendship Evangelism! -Monica Malaysia

"Thank you for your sections on God's will   … Today I have found myself encouraged and inspired at a crossroads in my life.  I've really been in a dragged out slump, but I think that today will be the turning point that's been needed. Thanks for pointing me back towards God." -David

"I found your site very interesting … I read most of it over a few day, it raised some interesting issues. And I enjoyed it." -Terje Australia

" … may you please also help us … by writing an article specifically for our paper …" -Spike (a group of teens with a small newspaper in South Africa)

"… even though I have been teaching the Bible for the last 22 years, I have indeed learned many new thing from your book … your book has rekindled the fire inside of me …" -Alabert Bombay

"I was reading this article on here about forgiveness .... I am wondering about forgiving yourself. … I feel horrible. I want to feel better." -anonymous

"I logged on to this website …. I want to serve God forever" -Anette Africa

"I just wanted to thank you HEARTILY for your Bible study … I just started it, and I am finding your study so helpful!  I am going to take one section a day, digest it, and meditate on the Biblical and theological concepts. I am even taking notes!" -Jamie

"I just want to say thank for web-sites like yours. I found many information/spiritual guidance that is quite interesting and quite true." -Nico South Africa

"I just have to comment that this site is terrific!" -Michelle

"You have such a great site; God bless you and your work." -Irene

"… I don't want to hurt anymore, I have hurt so much in my life" -anonymous

"… many are and will continue to benefit from you writings" -Bev

"I surfed today for references concerning the will of God … captured my interest." –Micke Sweden

"Something (Holy Spirit ?) told me to go on-line and I visited your website. I read and printed out both reference sections of Chapter 9.07 and found them extremely helpful particularly section 2 (in-depth). Again thank you so much for your website. I will be certain to recommend it to others. Keep up your wonderful work for the Lord." -Michael

"I honestly think that the Holy Spirit led me to your site." -Jamie

"I just wanted to thank you for all the good you are revealing with BibleHelp.org.  I was looking for some help with an issue and stumbled my way to the site and found great comfort and understanding in what I read.  I am now a daily visitor to the site and will promote it to friends. Thank you for caring and teaching the Christian Faith in such a casual informative way" -Todd

"Please inform me when the downloadable file would be available.  I'm interested to have my own complication of the articles.  Fortunately, I am at the crossroad of my religious life and I'd like to learn more about my faith." -Yvette Philippines

"I really enjoy your site." -Rich

"Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for." -Marcel

"I recently found your site online and I had to let you know ... It has been
a blessing to my life. I found it when i most needed it." -Josh

"… The thing that concerns me is that I carry this ‘sin’ in my heart and it hurts so badly…" -anonymous Romania

"God bless you for your service to the saints" -Albert

"Thank you for putting up such a helpful page." -Shelly

"Praise God! I entered bible study in an engine, saw your site and it intrigued me.  I clicked on about stumbling Christians, which, unfortunately is where I am now.  You have uplifted me tremendously. How I wish I knew the email addresses of so many members of my former church. I would forward it to them all. But, primarily, you have helped me to get back on track with God.” -Sonny

"Thanks and God bless you abundantly." -Anette Ghana, Africa

"I just want to tell you that what you have is a very awesome thing." -Jeff

"I truly am inspired by what I have read so far.  God is working in my life through your efforts, and I thank God for all your hard work.!!!" -Bev

"I am not sure exactly sure why I am struggling, but … I don't know why I'm doing this, but I hate it." -Rick

"Awesome, No words except All glory to God. " -Annahona

"… Oh, how I felt touched by the portion I have currently be able to read." -Gerald

"I'm grateful for your website and information about how to know God’s will for our lives. Thank you." -Amy

"I have always had a tremendous fear of death, and about a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and about eight weeks into my treatment, my brain made a tremendous shift. All of the sudden, I became constantly engulfed in my fear of death. I was wondering if there was any way for me to be helped to overcome this, so I can enjoy my life again… " -Jason

"Interesting Website. Grace be to you." -John

"So far I haven’t found any that you missed. You did a really good job. I
really like your site." -Noreen

"I just want to tell you that something wonderful happened to me today through your writings.  Many issues that I have been facing were soothed over by the peace and assurance I found in your words … I believe the Lord was speaking to me  … Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart." -Greg

"Thank-you mike for answering my desperate call for help. I am back on track. " -Sophia

"I wanted you to know that I deeply predicate your site and I commend you on
your examples, they seem well thought out and applicable … and would like to use some of the materials you have at our local church" -Carl

"Thanks for having this site so I could print what I needed.... " -Tom

"Your site was very useful… " -Ron

"I would like to thank you for having such a precise and informative website such as this one! The topics and studies in your website gave me inspiration, hope, and answers to a lot of my questions." -Paige

"Thank you for creating such a great site with just the information I needed about doing God’s will." -Shirley

"I found your website today, I really, really like it a lot." -Noreen

"… I still don't know why this happened, I never wanted to hurt JESUS  … Pray to help me not to look at the circumstances … and now I feel I HAVE MESSED IT ALL UP." -Richard

"Thank you for your ministry and help." -Anonymous

"I just wanted to tell you I just read your page on the Power of Prayer. I
think this sort of thing is excellent. Keep it up + may God Bless you
always!" -Coner

"I just want to thank you very much for the chapter of your book on ‘Standing up for principles.’ It has been a great reading for me and a comfort in knowing that I have done the right thing in deciding not to pursue a violation of my rights and principles in a work environment. … I look forward to reading more of your book." -Hellen

"Your chapter 'Finding the Elusive Will of God' is very good material. I am using for our current Bible Study. -Regimon

"… I do enjoy reading it and it also refreshes my mind.  Hearing
the way you explain things was helpful and I really did enjoyed it  … Please keep up the good work in the Name of Our Lord."  -Rev Dale

"Your Chapter 9.07 had some helpful information in it describing the Trinity. 
It can be quite a complex subject." -Jerry

"Hi, I have just been reading your site and can't get enough. It is priceless." -Bill

"I stumbled on your web site today during a search and found several topics very helpful.  Thank you for your work." -Phil

"I really like your references concerning Jesus Christ as God." -John

" … the Lord led me here today... your obedience to the Lord has blessed me." -Dawn

"Thank you very much for all this information, it has helped me greatly.  A friend referred me to this site because I had a Bible project for school.  I greatly appreciate the many stories and have used many of them." -Am

"Wanted to say I really enjoyed the writing on creation, it was very interesting." -Lance

"I interested very much with your idea and approach of friendship evangelism … hopefully will apply it in my ministry." -Berson

"Your site is enlightening and I appreciate the emphasis on Jesus Christ." -Edwin

"Thanks for your web-site." James

"Yours is a wonderful website."  -Angie

"I found your site today and I am very excited." -Anonymous

" … It is a wonderful blessing to have a place such as this to come to and be refreshed.  Once again, I say Thank You!" -Doug

"Its amazing, my husband and I were having a discussion about Jesus being God and I couldn't fully answer his question … when I jumped on the web and found your web site … you had put it together perfectly … it was easy to talk to my husband about it.  So thank you again for your wonderful web site." -Christine

Thank you for such a wonderful website.  Your website is so inspirational.  I will be sure to pass it on to my friends.  -Mark

Letter one:  "... if you could take a minute to pray for my cat (Rocco) to find his way back home safe I would really appreciate all the help I can get."     Letter two:  "Hi I just sent an e-mail 2 seconds ago asking for you to say a prayer to help my kitty come home and wouldn't you know it by the grace of God the very second I clicked on send now he jumped right in the window out of nowhere I don't exactly know what to think of that but it was pretty amazing the timing of the whole thing well I just wanted to tell you thanks anyways."  -Allison      [Editor's Note:   Well, I don't know what to think either.  In case any of you are wondering, my prayers are not that powerful.

Editor's Note:

Since many of these emails are from different countries, they had some grammatical errors, etc. As a result, some of the comments had to be edited a little to correct some of the glaring errors. I have, however, left most of the smaller problems unchanged.


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