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Chapter: 0.08
(Section 0: Introduction)
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Although this web site was started as a small personal ministry, it has taken on a life of its own. It has become a ministry in-and-of itself. I still work full time as a Correction Officer, but this web site has given me opportunities I never thought would be possible.

Currently, the web site has over 28,000 new visitors a month (from over 130 countries). Most visitors are Christians who are either trying to develop a Christian life that is refreshing and victorious, or they are struggling with some part of their Christian walk. Judging from the emails received, many of these visitors find the material (about 220 chapters) very helpful. (Go to the Comment page to see what some of the visitors have said.) Even many non-Christians have been helped by this web site.

Now that the web site has grown, I feel it is important to raise prayer support for it. Therefore, I am asking you to consider praying for this web site on a daily basis. Not only would it be greatly appreciated, it would give your prayers an international impact. I have included a prayer reminder card below. The card below is a sample of what the actual download looks like. Click on the link below to download the prayer card.




Prayer Reminder Card

God will lead people to the web site who could be helped by the material.

God will meet the needs of the visitors' hearts.

I will have God-given wisdom as I answer people's questions.

Over 28,000 new visitors a month

Visits from over 130 countries

Using the Internet to bring Christ to a lost world



Click here to download the Prayer Cards


Download Instructions:

  • Go to the bottom of the list and click on Prayer Cards
  • Select either Single Prayer Card or 3 Prayer Cards
    (The 3 prayer card download is designed for churches that want to print out a large number of prayer cards for their congregation.)
  • When you click on the desired card, the file will open in Acrobat. You can either print the prayer card out immediately or you save the card and print it at a later date. If the poster does not open up, it is possible that your coumputer does not have the free program called Acrobat. Look at the note below for more information.


  If you don't have Acrobat reader


Just about all computers come with Acrobat or a PDF reader loaded on it.  However, if you do not have one, you can download Acrobat for free from Adobe.  Just click on the Acrobat button below:  


Get Acrobat Reader




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