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How is This Ministry Supported?


Since I have been asked many times about how this ministry is supported, I’ll try to give you a brief answer. As I mentioned in a previous chapter, this website started out as a small personal ministry. It didn’t take long, however, for it to take on a life of its own. It now has visitors from over 130 countries.

Although this website has an international impact, it actually has a low operating expense. I have a secular job so all of my website work is voluntary. I have no buildings to maintain so I don’t have those expenses either. I am very fortunate to have a ministry that doesn’t have a large operating overhead.

I do, of course, have some expenses, but these are paid for out of my pocket. Basically, the only substantial expense I have is "keyword" advertising. The basic premise of keyword advertising is you register certain words with various search engines. When a person does a search and uses one of my keywords, an advertisement to my website appears. For example, if a person is doing a search on the word "Hell," a link to my chapter Is Hell Eternal? will appear. I have registered about 250 keywords.

I am charged 5 cents every time someone clicks on my advertisement. As a result, $100 will bring in 2,000 new visitors. Obviously, not everyone who visits my website stays around and reads other chapters. While some people may visit only one chapter, other people may visit all 220 chapters. On average, however, I have found five chapters are visited for every new visitor. Therefore, $100 will bring exposure to about 10,000 chapters.

I have a policy of not asking for money and, until recently, I discouraged people from contributing money to this outreach.  A while back someone kindly and lovingly rebuked me for not allowing others the opportunity to support the outreach.  I guess my reluctance to accept donations was a knee-jerk reaction to "fund-raising" abuses I have seen with some Christian organizations.  I guess I didn't want others to think that the purpose of this website was to raise money.  Although I still do not ask for money, I now accept donations.  Click on the link below to make a donation. Please note, currently, donations to BibleHelp.org are not tax deductable.


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