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You can now view the material from this website on handheld devices, such as PDAs, PALMs, etc.

Gerard and Jenny Elijzen from Australia have generously donated their time and money to convert the material from this website into a handheld version. I really appreciate their sacrifice. To read this material on your handheld device simply download the desired books (listed below) and then download the free RepliGo Viewer (also listed below).



  1. Go to http://www.cerience.com/viewers/pc.php and download the free viewer from RepliGo onto your computer. 
  2. Install the Repligo viewer onto your handheld device. 
  3. Download the eBook(s) that you want to read from the list below.
  4. Copy the eBook(s) to your handheld device.


Handheld eBooks to Download


at 56K

The Victorious Christian Life 2.5 6.0
Finding the Elusive Will of God 1.6 3.8
The Incredible Power of Prayer .6 1.4
Hidden Paths to the Heart 1.3 3.1
Understanding God and His Universe .7 1.6
What about Those "Without the Gospel?" .9 2.1
Selective Salvation 2.8 6.7

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Detailed information about the 7 books
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Installing an Abortion Counter on your email

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