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  • World's Death Rate Counter

This counter adds up the estimated average number of deaths that have taken place since the counter was started.

  • Destiny Counter

This counter adds up the estimated average number of people that may have gone to Hell since the counter was started.

  • American Abortion Counter

This counter adds up the estimated average number of American abortions that have taken place since it became legal (1973).

  • World Abortion Counter

This counter adds up the estimated average number of abortions (in the world) that have taken place since the counter was started.

  • Plus an Abortion Presentation
    (about 4 minutes long)

This powerful presentation (done with FLASH animation) provides a unique look at this issue.

The free counters listed above can be used in a variety of ways (as shown below).  You can use these free counters on laptops for small groups (Bible studies and Sunday School classes) or you can use them on projection screens for large groups.  You can also install these free counters on your website or put them on your email as an automatic footer.  Click on the photos below to see an enlargement.

The counters used on a projection screen look different than the counters on this website. However, to give you an idea of what the counters look like, I will provide you some samples:

-World Deat Counter

-World Destiny Counter

-American Abortion Counter

-World Abortion Counter


Presentations This counter can be used for both small and large groups.  Running the counter on a  laptop is ideal for Sunday Schools classes and Bible studies. 

Using the counter on a projection screen is ideal for pastors, missionaries, and evangelists. 

NOTE:  the Presentation Version is the complete counter system, which means it also contains the email and website versions. 

Website Put this counter on your website.  There are two types of counters and they are easy to install.
Email Put this counter in your email.  It will automatically appear at the bottom of your email.   It is easy to install.  It is also easy to disable whenever you desire.



For more information about these issues, go to the following links:

The spiritual needs of the world


The world's death rate


American abortions BibleHelp.org/abortioncnt.htm
World-wide abortions BibleHelp.org/didknow.htm





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