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Presentation Version - The Complete Counter System



All of the downloads shown below contain the full version of the counter system. The only differences between the downloads are the extra features they contain. Since these extra features add to the overall size of the counter, they increase the time it takes to download them. Since not everyone has broadband Internet, I am offering different versions to accommodate different download speeds.  Note, all of the downloads below contains the email and the web page versions as well. To download these counters, go to the Master Download page.




minutes at 56K



3.7 8.8

Streamline Counter


Contains the complete counter system, but streamlined for quicker download times. It contains the following:

  • Destiny Counter
  • World's Death Rate Counter
  • 2 Abortion Counters
  • Plus an Abortion Presentation
    (about 4 minutes long
11.3 26.9

Deluxe Counter Version

(Contains photos)

Same as the counter list above, but also contains photos for the counters. There are over 700 photos of people that slowly appear on the screen via a special slideshow program. The photos remind the audience that these numbers are not just statistics, but represent real people.
11.2 26.5




Contains the complete counter system, but does not have the photos for the counter. 

This download also has all of the material from this website (in the form of 7 ebooks).  The photos in these ebooks have been distilled to reduce the download time. Although there is a slight difference in the quality of the photos, the actual text was left unchanged.

22.1 52.6




Same as above but the counter also contains photos. Also, the ebooks contains higher quality photos.

Click on the link below to view the counter. Note, the counters shown below are for websites. The counters for projection screens look different from this, but it gives you an idea what it looks liek.



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Free Posters
Free Counters for your to download
Presentation Version:  The complete counter system
Web page Version:  Counters for the Web page
Email Version:  Counters for your emails
Installing a built-in Death Counter on your web site
Installing a built-in Destiny Counter on your web site
Installing the American Abortion Counter on your web site
Installing the World-Wide Abortion Counter on your web site
Installing a Death Counter on your email
Installing an Abortion Counter on your email

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