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You must show the Need before you can Provide the Solution


Chapter: 9.05
(Section 9: Friendship Evangelism)
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Before you can convince a person they need a doctor, then must first be convinced they are sick. Likewise, before you can convince a person they need salvation, they must first be convinced they are lost.

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A person must first be shown he is sick and needs help before he will seek treatment. This is a three-phase process. First, show the need. Second, show the solution. Finally, show the personal application of the solution.  Listed below is an example of what a doctor would do with a patient.



A doctor examines a patient and he is diagnosed as having a serious disease. (Phase 1)

The doctor then tells the patient about a treatment that can cure the disease. (Phase 2)


Finally, the patient is told what he must do to personally apply this treatment. (Phase 3)

Likewise, this principal also applies to the sharing of the gospel. You must first show a person he is lost before you can show him how to get saved.  These three phases will be covered in depth in the following chapter.  Listed below are the three phases of sharing the gospel. 

Phase 1

A person must first realize he is a sinner and on his way to Hell.  In other words:


- Show them that they are sinners and going to Hell.

-Show them that they cannot work their way to Heaven.

Phase 2

The person must be shown how the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross can pay his penalty of sin.  In other words:


-Show them that Jesus is the way to Heaven

-Show them what He has done for us.

Phase 3

The person must be shown how he can personally apply this salvation to his life.  In other words:


-Show them how to apply what God has done.




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