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Presenting the Gospel


Chapter: 9.06
(Section 9: Friendship Evangelism)
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This chapter has helped many Christians overcome the fear of witnessing. It provides easy to understand examples of how to share your faith with others.

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Many Christians have never developed a clear understanding of the basic points needed to lead a person to Christ. Instead of addressing the primary issues of salvation, they usually ramble on covering many unrelated subjects. This lack of direction makes it difficult for the non-Christian to obtain a clear understanding of the gospel.

The process of developing this clear understanding of the salvation message can be simplified if the message is broken down into easy-to-understand units. The three units are: A basic outline, memory verses and illustrations. This process is called the "Outline" approach and it is the framework upon which a simple or complex gospel presentation can be built.

Every person we share the gospel with has different needs and varying levels of understanding. One person may not need to be convinced he is a sinner and going to hell. Another person, however, may need a greater explanation in this area. The "Outline" approach gives the Christian great flexibility in tailoring the message to fit each person’s needs.

There are many good witnessing programs available that can teach Christians how to share the gospel message.  Of course, one witnessing style obviously does not fit everyone.  Each person has to find a style that fits their personality and comfort level.  This "Outline" approach may not be the best style for you, but it has helped many Christians overcome their fear of witnessing. 

As I mentioned before, the "Outline" approach is made up of three units. These three units can be compared to the three main structures of the human body.  Listed below are the three structures.



(Gospel Message)


The skeleton is the main structure on which everything is built.


Likewise, the basic gospel message is the main structure. Everything else in the presentation is added only to complement it.



(Bible Verses)


The Muscle gives power to the skeleton.


Likewise, Bible verses provide the power and authority of the gospel message.




The skin provides a pleasant and uniform appearance to the body.


Likewise, illustrations helps make the presentation interesting and more easily understood.





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