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Skeleton: The Frame that Everything is Built Upon


[Part ONE of Presenting the Gospel]


Chapter: 9.07
(Section 9: Friendship Evangelism)
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Just as the body has three many parts (skeleton, muscle, and skin) presenting the gospel has three parts. Learning these three parts will greatly enable your ability to share Christ with others.

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As stated earlier, the skeleton is what everything is built upon.  In this situation, the skeleton is a simple quick presentation of the gospel.  Listed below is a quick  two-minute outline that many people have used to learn how to witness.  

To get the most out of this chapter, the Christian should memorize the two-minute outline and practice saying it word-for-word to other Christians. This rehearsal ingrains the outline into the Christian’s thinking. Once the Christian feels comfortable with the outline presentation, he may build upon it by adding memory verses and illustrations. Versatility is dependent upon the amount of practice.

It should be noted the purpose of rehearsing the outline word-for-word is only to help the Christian learn the presentation. It is not practical or recommended to quote it verbatim in real-life witnessing.  This outline is only provided as a tool to get a person started.

The outline is broken down into the three phases mentioned earlier in the chapter You must show the Need before you Provide the Solution.  When you memorize this outline, think of it as three parts.  This will help you build upon it later on.  As a reminder, I will review the three phases at the end of the chapter.


Phase 1 God’s original intent for mankind was to have a personal and loving relationship with us. This relationship was destroyed when sin separated us from God. Sin not only placed a barrier between God and us, it also gave us a death sentence. Sin has to be punished and the punishment is eternal damnation in Hell. Not sinning or living a good life will not keep a person from going to Hell. Contrary to what some people think, God cannot ignore sin. God’s holy and righteous nature requires that every sin must be punished to the fullest extent.
Phase 2 Despite our rebelling against God, He still loves us and wants us to return to Him. This is impossible, though, because this barrier of sin is still separating us. God had to find a lawful way to remove this barrier without violating His righteous nature. This could only be accomplished by paying the penalty of sin, which is what happened when Jesus was on the cross. He was punished as though He had committed each of our sins. After He was punished, Jesus died and then rose from the dead. Now, not only can God satisfy His desire to forgive us, He can satisfy His righteous nature.
Phase 3 Just because this barrier of sin had been removed does not mean a person will automatically go to Heaven. God will not force Himself on anyone. Before a person can receive the pardon God is offering, he must acknowledge two things. First, he is a sinner and going to Hell, and he is not worthy of going to Heaven. Second, our salvation is based totally on what Jesus did on the cross and not on any of our good works. If, and only if, we are willing to personally accept these conditions of God’s pardon, will we go to Heaven.

Review of the three phases

Phase 1

A person must first realize he is a sinner and on his way to Hell.  In other words:


-Show them that they are sinners and going to Hell.

-Show them that they cannot work their way to Heaven.

Phase 2

The person must be shown how the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross can pay his penalty of sin.  In other words:


-Show them that Jesus is the way to Heaven

-Show them what He has done for us.

Phase 3

The person must be shown how he can personally apply this salvation to his life.  In other words:


-Show them how to apply what God has done.




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