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The Fireman's Job


Chapter: 9.04
(Section 9: Friendship Evangelism)
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An interesting example of how we sometimes lose sight of the big picture.

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Pastor Jerry steps up to the podium and says he has a skit to do and needs five volunteers. After the volunteers make it to the platform, he says, "You guys are all firemen and part of the Berry County Fire Department. If we ever have a fire around here, we are counting on you guys to protect us by putting out the fire."

Putting his hand into his pocket, Pastor Jerry pulls out 5 tin badges. After handing them their badges, he says, "Now, I’m going to assign you guys extra tasks to perform in-between fires." Tossing an apron to the first volunteer, he says, "You’re going to help out as the cook." Tossing a towel to the second, he says, "You’re going to wash the truck." Tossing some gloves to the third, he says, "You’re going to clean the firehouse." Tossing a wrench to the fourth, he says, "You’re going to maintain the equipment." Tossing a can of dog food to the fifth, he says, "You’re going to feed the Dalmatian."

He then says, "To make sure there isn’t any misunderstandings, I want each of you to tell me your job."

The first volunteer says, "My job is to cook."

The second volunteer says, "My job is to wash the fire truck."

The third volunteer says, "My job is to clean the firehouse."

The fourth volunteer says, "My job is to maintain the equipment."

The fifth volunteer says, "My job is to feed Spot."

Looking at the volunteers, Pastor Jerry says, "You’re all wrong." The responsibilities you listed are not your jobs. You’re firemen. Your job is fighting fires. Yes, it is true I gave you other assignments, but your primary responsibility is still fighting fires."

Turning around, Pastor Jerry says to his congregation, "Obviously, there was some confusion over what their jobs are. Many Christians have the same problem. Our primary job here on earth is to be fishers of men. We may have other duties like being accountants, policemen, bankers, or even pastors. Nevertheless, our primary duty is to bring others to Christ. Don’t let your other tasks distract you from your primary job.



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