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Chapter: 6.10
(Section 6: How Accurate is your Spiritual Compass?)
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BibleHelp.orgchapter, you might want to do so now.

In an earlier chapter (In Dying you Live), I used a unique phenomenon to illustrate that God and the Bible can still be trusted even though "common sense" appears to dictate otherwise. Using this phenomenon, I created a skit (Defying the Laws of Physics) that Christians can use at church to teach people to trust God and the Bible. This chapter tells you how to set up this demonstration.

There are two ways of making the props for this demonstration. There is an easy, quick, and inexpensive ($0) way to make the props. There is also a more professional looking model that is fun to build and costs around $30 (if you already have a shop-vac or some other type of blower). Listed below are the pros and cons of each of the props.

The Quick Temporary Display


It usually doesn’t cost you anything if you already have a hair dryer. It is not professional looking.
It is ideal if you are only going to demonstrate it once. The audience cannot easily see that there is nothing holding the disk up.
No special materials are required. The presentation is not as dramatic because the blower is not as powerful.

Permanent Professional looking version

Pros Cons
It looks more professional. It costs around $30 to build, if you already have a blower.
It is more durable; ideal if you want to use it many times or loan it out. You need to have a shop-vac, leaf blower, or suitable vacuum cleaner.
If you like working with your hands, this is a fun project to build. Requires more time to build and some shop skills.
The presentation is more dramatic because the blower is more powerful. Some materials (thicker Plexiglas) may be difficult to obtain.
Since everything is clear, it is obvious you are not using glue or tape to hold the disk up.  

Once you decide which approach you want to take, go to the appropriate chapter:  Instructions for the Temporary Display or Instructions for the Permanent Display.


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