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Defying the laws of Physics (a skit)





Chapter: 6.08
(Section 6: How Accurate is your Spiritual Compass?)
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In the previous chapter (In Dying you Live), I used a unique phenomenon to illustrate that the Bible and God can still be trusted even though some of their instructions appear to defy all common sense. Using this phenomenon, I created a skit to teach people to trust God and the Bible. I think you can use your imagination to adjust the skit for an older or younger audience. If you have not read the previous chapter, you might want to do so now.

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This skit (which appears to defy the laws of physics) is an ideal tool to teach people to trust God and the Bible.  Set up the demonstration as outlined in the chapter Setting up the Demonstration. Turn the blower on and place some balloons and confetti in its path. Have some fun with this. Turn the blower off and ask for a volunteer. Turn the blower back on and move the disk up and down in front of the blower (as described in the instructions). Be careful not to get closer than a half a foot from the blower. Ask the volunteer to do the same thing so he is able to feel the power of the blower.

Place a dollar on one side of the table and four dollars on the other side. Tell your volunteer that he has the opportunity to get the one dollar or get the four dollars. (You can use candy bars if you want.) Explain to the volunteer that all he has to do is take the disk and push it up to the blower and leave it there. If it stays up there on its own, he gets the four dollars. If it does not stay up, he gets nothing. Of course, if he thinks it will not stay up there on its own, he can take the one-dollar bill and sit down.

Say to the volunteer, "Now, before you answer, I want to tell you something. If you push the disk all the way to the top, it will stay there. Although it looks impossible, the disk will stay up there. Although there is no glue or tape to hold it up, I promise that if you do as I say, the disk will stay up there. Do you trust me? If you trust me, follow my instructions. If you doubt that it will stay up there on its own, you can take this dollar and I’ll find another volunteer." If the first volunteer doesn’t try it, pick out one more volunteer. If that volunteer does not do it, demonstrate it yourself. After you show the audience that the disk will stay up there by itself, turn to them and say the following:

Sometimes the Bible asks us to do things that seem to contradict logic and common sense. For example, it says that if we want to be first, we must be last. It also says that if we really want to live, we must die to our desires and dreams. These statements seem to contradict common sense.

Yet, if the Bible is true, we can trust its instructions. If the Bible clearly tells you to do something, you should obey its instruction completely and leave the rest with God. If God wants you to do something, let Him work out the details. Even if it appears that the solution seems impossible, trust God. As this demonstration shows, things are not always the way they appear.

It's important to understand that complete obedience is essential. Partial obedience often results in failure and disappointments. With this demonstration, we saw that going part way only resulted in intense pressure and opposition. Likewise, if you only do part of God’s instructions, you will probably experience opposition and pressure. You won’t see God’s intervention. If you get close to fulfilling God’s will, but don’t go any closer, you will probably see results opposite of what you are seeking.

A failure like this can greatly discourage you and cause you to doubt God and the Bible. It may cause you to be reluctant to trust God in the future. God can be trusted and He will stand by His Word. If you completely follow God’s instructions, you just might be surprised by what He will do for you. Just make sure, however, that you are completely obedient to everything He asks.  Important Note:  An explanation of why the disk stays up there is found in the chapter Explaining the Phenomenon.


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