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Instructions for Making the Permanent Display




Chapter: 6.11
(Section 6: How Accurate is your Spiritual Compass?)
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Making the Plexiglas platform

1 Obtain a piece of Plexiglas that is at least 16 x 16 inches wide. The Plexiglas should be at least ¼ of an inch thick. The Plexiglas that is used for storm windows (usually 1/8 of an inch thick) is too thin. It will still work, but the thinner Plexiglas vibrates and makes a very loud noise. Most glass shops and some hardware stores carry the thicker type of Plexiglas.

If you can’t find any thick Plexiglas, you can make your permanent platform out of plywood.


2 Cut a piece of paper into a 10.25 x 10.25 inch square.  
3 Mark the center and four corners of the paper.


4 Measure and mark the middle of the board.  
5 Put the paper on the board, aligning the center of the paper over the center of the board.  
6 Using the 4 corners of the paper, mark 4 spots on the board.  
7 Drill holes (using a ¼ inch bit) into each of the four dots. Go all the way through the Plexiglas. This is where your bolts will go through to bolt the legs on.
8 Cut the hole at center mark. The hole can be about 1.5 to 2 inches wide. You can cut the hole with a jigsaw or with a bore that is used to put in door handles.
9 Make an attachment to hold the blower hose on. I took one of the attachments (that I haven’t used) from the shop-vac and cut the end off. You can also make an attachment from a short piece (about 1.5 inches long) of 2 inch plastic water pipe.  
10 Hot glue (or epoxy) the attachment to the platform.


Making the Stand

1 1. Buy 6 feet of 1 ¼ inch dowel rod (round wooden pole)
2 2. Cut the rod into 4 pieces that are 1.5 feet long. These will be the legs for your platform. You can also use regular 2 x 4s. If you use 2x4s, be sure that when you are done, the inside corners of the wood are 9 inches apart. This keeps your 10.25 inch disk from sliding out when it is floating.  
3 In the end of each leg, drill a starter hole. Use a 3/16 inch drill bit. Drill a hole that is about 2 inches deep. This keeps the doll rod from splitting when you screw in the bolts.
4 Buy four bolts that are ¼ inch wide and about 2 inches long.
5 Attach the four legs on the opposite side of the hose attachment.
6 The legs serve two purposes. They hold the platform up and they keep the disk from sliding away.  


Making the Disk

1 Buy a piece of ¼ inch thick Plexiglas that is at least 10.25 x 10.25 inches wide.

If you can’t find the thick Plexiglas, you can use wood that is ¼ inch thick. You can also glue together 2 or 3 pieces of 1/8 inch Plexiglas.


2 Cut it into a round 10.25 inches wide disk. You can either use a jigsaw or have the glass shop do it for you. They will probably charge you around $5 to $10 to cut it for you.  
3 If you are having trouble getting it cut in a circle, you can cut it into a square that is 10.25 inches wide.  

Setting up the Prop

  Attach one end of the hose to the platform and the other end to the exhaust port of the shop-vac.  


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