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Breakdown of View 5


Chapter: 13.21
(Section 13: What about those "Without the Gospel?")
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There are 5 views that Christians hold to concerning the heathen. Each of these vies have many implications. Some of these views are not consistent with the Bible. It is important to understand the hidden implications of each of these views, especially your view.

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View 5

If a person "lives up to the light that he has," God will then allow him into heaven. Personal acceptance of Jesus Christ is not essential for the Heathen.

Implication A:    Implies if a person has never had a chance to hear the gospel, he then is not responsible for personally accepting the gospel.  For more information, refer to the chapter "Breakdown of View 1," Implication A.
Implication B:    Implies it would be better not to send missionaries to the heathen.

If the heathen are already going to Heaven, sending them a missionary would only give them the opportunity to reject Christ, and thus, go to Hell. For more information, refer to the chapter "Breakdown of View 1," Implication A.


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