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Christianity is Losing Ground



Chapter: 13.06
(Section 13: What about those "Without the Gospel?")
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Although there have been some great revivals around the world, the increase in the number of people being born again is not keeping up with the number of people being born.

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"Mayday! Mayday!" cried the voice over the international distress frequency. "We’re taking on water ... " That was Captain Helsman of the trade ship, Golden Beauty. For three days, an Atlantic tropical storm had relentlessly pounded his ship. The 50-foot waves were dumping thousands of gallons of water into his ship. Until now, the ship’s eight pumps had been able to keep the flood under control. Captain Helsman, already concerned about structural fatigue, was informed that they were taking on water portside. Some welds in the seams had broken loose creating another avenue for water to rush in. As the welds continued to break, the pumps became overwhelmed. The Golden Beauty was now in trouble. For every gallon pumped out, three gallons flooded in. The ship was sinking.

Christianity is faced with this same kind of problem. There are more people being born into the world than there are people being "born again." In fact, in the past 64 years, the world’s population has increased 19 times faster than the Protestant population. This means only one out of every nineteen people born today will accept the gospel. As of the year 2000, there were approximately 5.7 billion souls on their way to Hell. That means Protestant adherents (*1) make up only about 7.0% of the world’s population, and this includes those who are Christians only in name. Many people claim to be Christians because their parents were Christians, they live in a Christian nation or they go to church. It is often hard to determine how many of those so-called Christians are actually born again. The only way to determine if a person is a true believer is to compare their method of salvation to what the Bible teaches. Using this as a guideline, the number of true believers has been estimated around 400 million, but could be as low as 300 million.

*1 NOTE:   "Protestant" adherents are generally not the only group classified as "Christian." However, since the other groups usually do not teach the "Biblical" plan of salvation, they are not included under this heading.  Look at the footnote at the bottom of the chapter "Will Heaven have a Specific Church Denomination?" for more information.

Increases From 1934 - 2000

(World Population verses Christian population)



In the past 64 years, the world's population increased by 3,980 million (199%)

but, the number of Protestant adherents increased only by 209 million (101%).

19:1 ratio


Source:  World Almanac and the Book of Facts 1935, 2000

U.S. Census Bureau, and the Center for International Research



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