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Time Line of People Featured in Stories of Great Christians


Chapter: 5.07
(Section 5: Finding the Elusive Will of God)
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Francis Asbury

Gladys Aylward ?
William Booth
William Borden
John Bunyan
John Calvin
William Carey
Peter Cartwright
James Chalmers ?
L.B. Compton
Fanny Crosby
Henry Crowell ?
Jonathan Edwards
Charles Finney
Elizabeth Fry
Anton Gillies


Arthur Glasser ?

Wilfred Grenfell
John Hus
Adoniram Judson
John Knox
Kathryn Luther ?
Martin Luther
Robert Muffed ?
D.L. Moody
George Mueller
Erik Nelson
John Newton
Florence Nightengale
John Peck
Matthew Simpson
Charles Spurgeon


Dr. Ida Sudder
 Billy Sunday
 Hudson Taylor ?
 George Truett
 William Tyndale
 John Wanamaker
 John Wesley
 George Whitefield
 Marcus Whitman
 William Wilberforce
 Frances Willard
 John Williams
 Roger Williams
 Count Zinzendorf




Purchasing These Stories

If you would like to purchase a copy of these stories, you can contact Moody Bible Institute at the address below:

Moody Broadcasting Network

820 N LaSalle Blvd

Chicago, IL  60610

(312) 329-8010


Following are the stock numbers for the stories:


SG ASBURY     Francis Asbury

SG AYLWAR    Gladys Aylward 

SG BOOTH       William Booth 

SG BORDEN    William Bordern 

SG BUNYAN    John Bunyan 

SG CALVIN      John Calvin 

SG CAREY       William Carey 

SG CARTWR    Peter Cartwright

SG CHALME    James Chalmers

SG COMPTO     L.B. Compton

SG CROSBY      Fanny Crosby, Crosby

SG CROWEL     Henry Parson Crowell

SG EDWARD    Jonathan Edwards

SG FINNEY       Charles Finney

SG FRY              Elizabeth Fry

SG GILLIE         Anton Gillies 

SG GLASSE      Arthur Glasser 

SG GRENFE      Wilfred Grenfell

SG HUS              John Hus 

SG JUDSON      Adoniram Judson

SG KNOX          John Knox, 

SG KLUTHE      Kathryn Luther

SG MLUTHE      Martin Luther 

SG MOFFAT      Robert Moffat 

SG MOODY        DL Moody

SG MUELLE       George Mueller 

SG NELSON       Eric Nelson 

SG NEWTON     John Newton

SG NIGHTI         Florence Nightingale 

SG PECK            John Peck

SG SIMPSO        Matthew Simpson

SG SPURGE       Charles Spurgeon 

SG SUDDER       Dr Ida Sudder 

SG SUNDAY      Billy Sunday

SG TAYLOR       Hudson Taylor

SG TRUETT        George Truett

SG TYDALL       William Tyndale 

SG WANAMA    John Wanamaker

SG WELSEY       John Wesley 

SG WHITEF        George Whitefield

SG WHITMA      Marcus Whitman,  

SG WILBER        William Wilberforce

SG WILLAR        Frances Willard

SG WILLIJ           John Williams

SG WILLIR          Roger Williams

SG ZINZEN         Count Zinzendorf


Purchasing Stories of Great Christians

Several months ago, Moody Broadcasting Network contacted me and asked me to update my website.  They said that they have closed their audio ministry and will no longer be selling Stories of Great Christians. They had been getting many requests for these stories as a result of this webpage.

As a result, I have asked them if they would allow me to convert the audio files to a MP3 format and allow people to download the stories for free.  They wrote me and said that they are exploring some alternative methods for making them available again. They also said that they feel they need to wait a while longer to determine if they will offer them again themselves. As a result, my request has been denied. Although I am disappointed, I certainly understand and respect their decision.

As you know, these stories are fantastic and powerful. I would still like to see them made available again. I think it would be great if Moody would start selling them again. If you agree, I would encourage you to contact them and express your desires. Listed below are two people you should contact:

Douglas W. Hastings

Programming/Operations Division Manager

Moody Broadcasting Network

820 N. LaSalle Boulevard

Chicago, IL  60610   



Dr. Joseph Stowell

President of Moody Bible Institute

820 N. LaSalle Boulevard

Chicago, IL  60610


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