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Chapter: 5.12
(Section 5: Finding the Elusive Will of God)
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You never know what your actions will accomplish. A seemingly insignificant action might actually have a profound impact on someone’s life.

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The Russian official walks to the door and begins knocking. When Walter Covich answers the door, the man asks, "Are you Walter Covich?"

Puzzled, Walter asks, "What can I do for you?" After a brief introduction, Walter asks the stranger how he got his address. The man provided a fascinating story.

A few months earlier, the stranger was in Moscow visiting a high-ranking General in the Russian military. On the General’s desk was a Russian Bible. Having never seen a Bible before, he was curious. So, when the General had to leave his office for a few minutes, the stranger ran over and took a look. Inside was a business card with Covich’s address. After copying down the address, he returned to his seat. A couple months later, he was in Alaska on a business trip. He pulled out Covich’s address and visited them to see if he could get a Russian Bible. At that time it was impossible to buy Russian Bibles in Russia.

Walter and Elby Covich were missionaries in Alaska ministering to Eskimos and Russian fishermen. They also shipped a large numbers of Bibles into Russia via Christians traveling from Alaska into Russia. A couple months earlier, a Christian offered to take 1,000 Bibles into Russia. As the Covichs were packing the Bibles, they realized they only had 35 business cards left. They discussed not including any of them in this shipment, but decided to use the few they had. It just so happened the General received one of the few Bibles with a business card.

If the Covich’s had not included the cards in that shipment, the Russian official would not have been able to get a Russian Bible. The point we should learn from this story is we should be fully obedient to every opportunity God gives us. You never know what your actions will accomplish. A seemingly insignificant action might actually have a profound impact on someone’s life.

Several years ago I was sitting in front of a building when a guy (Mike) walked up. I had seen him around before, but we were not friends. The subject of God was brought up and we talked about Christianity for a while. I wasn’t trying to "witness" to Mike and I didn’t think much about the conversation.

A couple months later I received a letter from Mike saying he had recently become a Christian. He said it was a result of the talk we had that day. He said our talk profoundly changed his life. I’m embarrassed to say I can barely even remember the day.

An interesting side note about the Russian General

After the General received his Bible, he started reading it and became a Christian. Shortly afterwards, he went to his brother to tell him about his discovery. He said, "All of our lives we have been taught there is no God. They have lied to us. There is a God and I’ve found him." His brother too became a Christian. One week later, his brother died.


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