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Choice –Part 8: Are We Incapable of Choosing God?


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Chapter: 14.48
(Section 14: Selective Salvation)
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Selective Salvationists say we are incapable of choosing God. They say being "spiritually dead" means we lack any ability to desire or choose God. They liken us to dead bodies floating in the water. Even if a life preserver is thrown to the body, it would not be able to respond. We are dead and totally incapable of responding to any rescue attempt.

Selective Salvationists say we are totally incapable of desiring God or what He has to offer. They say the only way we would desire God and His salvation is by having God implant a supernatural desire within us. Once we have been implanted with this desire to want God, it is impossible to resist or reject this prompting.

Are we capable of making choices? Yes, of course, we are. For example, let’s say we are given a choice between two trips. The first trip would require us to spend a month doing very disgusting things like cleaning sewers with our bare hands for fourteen hours a day. We would have to sleep outdoors in the rain (unprotected) and eat spoiled food.


The second trip would require us to spend a month at a very plush resort. We can participate in all sorts of activities such as swimming, tennis, spa, etc. A five-star restaurant would provide all of our meals. Someone else, of course, pays for all accommodations.

Which of the two trips would we choose? Obviously, we would choose the second trip. Our minds are fully capable of differentiating between desirable and undesirable things. We have the ability to choose a good destiny over a bad destiny.

Sin has ravaged so many areas of our lives. Sin brings guilt, remorse, and sadness. It causes a desperate struggle within us as we try to compensate for our massive shortcomings. Our lives are unhappy and unstable because of this sin. We are at odds with our creator, and our inner conscience tells us we are going to be held accountable for our sins. This is a terrifying and dreadful prospect.

On the flip side, we see Christians who have been able to get their lives back into order. This stability has saved their marriages, jobs, and future. They are happy and at peace with themselves and with God. On top of all this, they have even found a remedy for their sin problem. They have reconciled their differences with their Creator and they are no longer going to Hell.

These observations are plain, simple, and straightforward. Anyone who is aware of all of the facts would be able to see the benefits of resolving their sin problem. This person would desire to choose a good destiny over a bad destiny.

Yes, it is true we have a sinful nature and a heart bent on doing wrong. Yes, it is true we lack the ability to stop sinning. Yes, it is true we lack the ability to live in a way that is pleasing to God. It is not true, however, that we can’t comprehend the benefits of resolving our sin problem with God. Our hearts are fully capable of desiring God’s benefits over our terrible lives. We understand the benefits and we have the ability to choose them.



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