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Understanding God

Chapter: 11.01
(Section 11: Understanding God and His Universe)
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Although our finite minds can't comprehend an almighty infinite being, there are still a few things we can learn about God.

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How can we describe (let alone understand) a being as complex as God Almighty? Obviously, we can’t. To think that we could understand God is as ludicrous as thinking a placebo could understand humans. It isn’t possible.

Like many new Christians, I had tried to learn as much as I could about God and Christianity. After several years of Bible school and extensive Bible training, I felt I had a pretty good grasp on what God was like. However, as I matured spiritually, I began to realize that I actually knew very little about God. Ironically, the more I currently learn about God, the less I feel that I really understand Him.

Despite our limited knowledge of God, there still are a few things we can learn about Him. An infinite being isn’t totally unknown to finite beings. As we look at some of these things, you might be pleasantly surprised.

What is God like? For the most part, we don’t really know. We have no idea what His physical structure is like. We have no idea how large or small He is. We know He must be greater and more spectacular than the gigantic universe He created. Greatness, however, has nothing to do with size. Just because he made a large universe doesn’t mean He is as large as the universe. On the other hand, the universe might be a miniscule dot in comparison to God’s actual size.

I think, however, that God’s "physical size" compared to the universe is probably a moot point. I don’t believe that the eternal spiritual dimension of God’s realm is even comparable to our realm. It’s like asking, "How big is this apple compared to the color blue?" They are not even comparable subjects.

We will spend several chapters taking a closer look at our awesome universe to gain a better understanding of its creator. I think you’ll be surprised by some of the things you’re going to learn about God’s universe. I also think you’ll have a better appreciation of God, His complexity, and His magnitude.

Is God White, Black, Asian, or Arabic? Some people have made race a major part of their religion, saying that God belongs to a particular race. The following chapter (What Is God’s Race?) talks about this problem.

A couple of questions that Christians often ask are, "How do you explain the trinity?" and "Was it actually possible for Jesus to sin when He was here on Earth?" The question of Jesus sinning is covered in a couple of chapters (Could Jesus Have Sinned?) and the subject of the trinity is covered in the chapter Is Jesus God in the section Understanding Salvation.



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