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Mortality Rates of American Wars -Part 2

For the ease of reading, I have divided this subject into three chapters. The three chapters cover:

  • Some interesting history of these wars

  • Graphs of the mortality rates of American wars

  • Statistics used to make the graphs

  • Graph 1: Number of soldiers who died during the wars






    Graph 2: Number of soldiers who died compared to the

    number of soldiers who served during the wars








    Graph 3: Number of soldiers who died compared

    to the U.S. population








    Graph 4: The number of soldiers killed each day





    Graph 5: Number of soldiers who served







    Graph 6: Soldiers who served (% compared to the U.S. population)






    Graph 7: U.S. Population





    Graph 8: Number of POWs








    Graph 9: Number of POW deaths




    Graph 10: The % of POWs who died during captivity


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