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Not Forgotten

Chapter: 7.10
(Section 7: The Incredible Power of Prayer)
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On January 31, 1993, guerrillas kidnapped three New Tribes Missionaries (Dave Mankins, Mark Rich, and Rick Tenenoff) serving in Panama.  Its been over eight years since they have been taken away from their families and there appears to be no end in sight.  Although it is believed that they are still alive, there has been virtually no contact with them or their kidnappers.  Please pray for their safe release.


--- UPDATE ---

(September 10, 2001)

Recent statements by guerrilla defectors and corroborating testimony have validated past accounts that the men were killed in 1996.  Several guerrilla defectors and other collaborating witnesses have related essentially the same story:

Early in 1996, one defector told a Colombian army officer he knew where the men were being held. He later led troops to the camp. Fleeing the military in fear, the guerrillas decided that Dave, Mark and Rick were a liability. On a jungle trail in the hills of northern Colombia, an order was given that sent Mark, Dave and Rick into the arms of their loving Lord.

Details will probably remain secret until eternity and their remains may never be found.

Death is a terrifying subject for many people.  Although many people try not to think about it, death is a relevant fact of life.  In fact, 1 out of every 113 people will die this year (world's mortality rate).   Even though death is shrouded in mystery, it does not have to be dreaded.   There can be victory over the "sting of death."  

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