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Chapter: 2.09
(Section 2: The Christian who has Stumbled)
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Dwelling on sinful thoughts is obviously wrong, but there is also a hidden danger. Dwelling on sin creates a secret pathway for future sin.

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Last year lightning struck a tree next to our garage causing $8,500 in damage. The interesting thing about the lightning strike was the fact that when the lightning traveled down the tree to the ground, it followed the tree’s root right under our garage. This shattered a cement border and cracked a slab of cement. It then traveled through our electrical wiring and took out our phone and several electrical items.

Before the lightning strike, you couldn’t see the root hiding just below the surface. The root, hiding six inches below the surface, provided a very easy pathway for the lightning to follow. It was hidden from view, but it was waiting for just the right set of circumstances.

Our thought lives are like this root. It provides a pathway for sin to travel. If your thought life is a mess, you have created a solid pathway for sin. If your thought life is under control, sin will have a hard time gaining control.

Sexual sins are a good example of this. A person who continually dwells on sexual fantasies and looks at pornographic material will have a hard time resisting sexual sins. All it takes is the right set of circumstances and the person will probably succumb to temptation.

I personally believe this is what happened to King David and Bathsheba. Although the Bible does not shed any light directly on the cause of King David’s demise, I believe King David had previously laid the groundwork with his thought life. I believe King David allowed his thought life to wander over a period of time and paved the way for future temptations. Then, when he was on the rooftop and saw Bathsheba bathing, he had a hard time resisting temptation. I personally believe that had King David controlled his thought life in the months preceding the incident, there would not have been this incident.


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