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Delusions of Grandeur

Chapter: 10.03
(Section 10: Understanding Salvation)
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Everyone is totally incapable of working our way to Heaven. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this. A great sinner knows he's going to Hell, but a good moral person has a sense of security.

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"That was a fantastic movie," Sam said to Tim. "I loved the way we taught those aliens a lesson." The two of them had just seen the hit movie Independence-Day; a movie where aliens are attempting to conquer Earth. Near the end of the movie the military had lost most of their pilots and were looking for anyone who had any type of flying experience to fly the fighter jets. As a result, many people volunteered, including a drunken crop-duster.

Since both Sam and Tim had flown small single engine airplanes, they found this concept intriguing. "I think I could do it," Sam said. "I believe I am skilled enough to fly that fighter jet. I may not be able to kick ET’s rear-end on the first day, but I would be able to handle an jet okay." Tim, on the other hand, has no delusions of grandeur. He became a quadriplegic last year in a car accident and is realistic about what he is capable of doing. In reality, neither of them have the skills and abilities to fly a jet fighter. Yet, in this situation, the truth is only obvious to one person.

Likewise, a person’s desperate spiritual needs may not be as obvious to someone who has lived a good and moral life. The person’s good life may give him the delusion that he is good enough to meet God’s standard. His good life may stop him from realizing he is incapable of working his way to Heaven.

A person who is living in deep sin, on the other hand, clearly understands he is unfit for Heaven. He has no delusions of his ability to please God or to work his way to Heaven. Both people are incapable of fulfilling God’s holy requirement to enter Heaven, but only one realizes it. Both people are destined to Hell, but one person is blinded to the fact.


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