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Part 1

Problems with Premarital Sex

Part 1 of 4 parts in the Sexual Desires section






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Part I: Problems With Premarital Sex

The Beneficial Energy of Our Sexual Desires
Easy for You to Say
Summary of Why We Should Avoid Premarital Sex
Do As I Say and Not As I Do
Sexual Frustrations
Varying Limits of Physical Intimacy
What Does the Bible Say?
Prisoners of Isolation
The First Time Happens Only Once
Once You’ve Been Exposed to the Pleasures of Sex
Shattered in an Instant
The Bonding Process of a Healthy Relationship
The Abuse of the Physical Intimacy
Sexual Boredom
Trust in the Relationship
Behind Closed Doors
Premarital Pregnancy
Interesting Facts About Abortion
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexual Attraction: Differences between Males and Females
Desires Out of Control
The Positive Versus the Negative
Is It Wrong to Touch Your Girlfriend’s Breasts?

Part II: Obtaining Control of Your Sexual Desires
Part III: Masturbation


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