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Although I don't have $100 billion, I do have 500 billion


500 billion Dinaras from Yugoslavia



Chapter: 12.02
(Section 12: If You had $100 Billion)
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Yes, I have 500 billion! Unfortunately, its not $500 billion American, but 500 billion Dinaras from Yugoslavia. The above bill is worthless because Yugoslavia’s economy and government have disintegrated. Serbia, Bosnia, and Albania were all part of Yugoslavia before the Baltic Wars. If you remember, about 10 years ago the United States’ military had to go over there to bring stability back into that war torn region.

The instability brought on by the civil war (1993) caused the economy to go into hyperinflation. In less than a year, the economy imploded. An item that used to cost one Dinaras quickly rose to 500 billion Dinaras. It would literally take a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread.


You can see how hyperinflation can quickly turn a wealthy person into a beggar. A millionaire could have 500 million hidden under his bed (hidden because of his distrust of banks) and within a short period of time the money would become almost worthless. Generations of accumulated wealth were wiped out in months. It kind of gives new meaning to Jesus’ admonition, "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy" (Matthew 6:20).

This is the reason it is important to have a proper perspective on money. Yes, it would be nice to have great wealth to be able to support many great Christian projects. Yet, as we saw, we can’t put our faith and hope in money. The power is not in the money; it is in the Lord. 

Our dreams (whether material or spiritual) should always anchored with the Lord.  Money and the things it can buy are only temporary. Drive by a junkyard and you’ll see the remains of somebody’s dream. 


Another Country’s Approach to Hyperinflation

In the early 1990s, the small country of Transdniestria experienced hyperinflation. Instead of printing brand new currency, Transdniestria printed over their old currency. Click on the image below to see a before and after picture. In this situation they printed four zeros on an existing banknote, crossed out some text, and added a new year (it now has both 1994 and 1996). As a result, a "1" became "10,000." (As they say, "Kids, don’t try this at home.")


Click on the picture to see a large version of the currency

10    (1978)
50 thousand    (1992)
100 thousand    (1993)
50 million    (1993)
500 million    (1993)

50 billion    (1993)

500 billion    (1993)


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